Massage/Spa Services

Proud to Offer Excellent Massage Services

My Mother and I offer several massage services together. We do couples/doubles massage where you can get a massage side by side your best friend, spouse, or anyone you want to bring with you. 

1 hour $115 per person for couples/doubles massage

We also offer a Tandem Massage where you get a 1 hour massage with 2 massage therapists working on you together.

It’s out of this world relaxing. Very few places offer this kind of service and you will love how it feels to have 4 hands flowing together in tandem on all your sore spots. 

1 hour $200. with 2 people working on you at once.

Testimonials for Tandem:

“You guys are GOOD! I almost need a designated driver. I’m so RELAXED.” –Terria Heinlein

“I would definitely recommend the tandem massage. My back and neck was sot tight and it relieved my soreness. My head and feet massaged at the same time was a dream.”–Angie Smith

Watch for Periodic Specials on these Great Massage Services.

Massage Per Hour:

Relaxation Massage: $100/Hour, $150./90 min 

Deep Tissue Massage: $110/Hour 

Buy More, Save More!

Gift Certificate Series: Buy 3 Massages at a time as gift certificates and get $10 off on each/$30 off total!!! 


Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident?

Get Relief With Massage!

If you have been injured in a car accident, your car insurance may pay for massage to aid in your recovery. You have to have Personal Injury Protection PIP Coverage.

Call or text Ashley at 253-347-1125


Motor Vehicle Collision Injury Massage: 

PIP Insurance: If you have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) you will need a prescription from your treating doctor and you can begin getting relief.

Don’t wait. The longer you delay the harder it is to get the muscles to relax and regain your original mobility and pain-free status.

Massage has gained recognition as a great way to rehabilitate injuries and increase overall health. Massage will enhance the results you will get with medical and chiropractic care.

Benefits of Massage: 

  • Interrupts the pain/spasm cycle  found in injured muscles.

  • Speeds recovery from injury and surgery

  • Relieves pain and increases mobility

  • Increase lymphatic circulation to reduce swelling and increase overall health

  • Reduces stress that is often associated with an injury and chronic pain

  • Increases circulation and the removal of cell waste and is detoxifying

  • Helps scars to heal in the direction of soft tissue fibers which results in less scarring and less chance of re-injury

I use various modalities to increase the overall effectiveness based on the needs of the client.

Some Massage Techniques I Use For Injuries Include:

  •  Hydrotherapy,

  • Myofascial release,

  • Active and passive stretching,

  • Isometric Resistance/Muscle Energy


Massage Monthly Club Membership:

Purchase any Hourly Massage or Package Deal as a monthly subscription and get an add-on or extra 15 minutes for free!

Build Your Own Package:

  • Pick your time:

  • 60 Mins: $100
  • or 90 Mins $150

 Pick your 3 Add On’s:

  • Paraffin Hand Dip
  • Aromatherapy Scalp & Face Massage
  • Aromatherapy Foot Bath
  • Foot Scrub & Mask
  • Body Brushing
  • Body Mask
  • Pick Your Massage Focus:

(Up to 5 Problem Areas)

*Scalp* Face* Neck* Shoulders* Back *Arms & Hands* Stomach* Hips/Glutes* Legs & Feet*