Hair Testimonials:

“From the moment I met Ashley Stewart she started helping me repair my hair. It’s been a long process and after a few years I am always more than pleased with my hair no matter what we try it’s always beautiful. Truly I trust her with my hair.
I love the Salon and think it’s a fabulous aquatic wonder …a mini vacation. So relaxing, I love it!”

~Sunny M.

“Ashley is always the best and does the best work with my hair. I will always recommend her to anyone wanting a professional quality job done on their hair. Great job Ashley!”

~Ron M.

“Ashley is amazing! My hair never looked better! She’s always able to work with my schedule.”

~Tiffanie N.

“Ashley is absolutely amazing and affordable too!! You will be thrilled with your hair and I promise you’ll be back!”

~Lisa W.

“Ashley is great with my hair!! Always a thorough consultation & you can add on a conditioning service which always feels amazing. I have been seeing her for years. It is a quiet relaxing home salon & one of the only places in federal way to get a side by side massage or get your hair blown out after massage. Mother/daughter team that will make you feel like you’re home.”– Brittney Stough 5 star review on Google for Alpine Therapeutic Massage. Jan 31, 2019

Massage Testimonials: 

“This was genuinely one of the most pleasant massage and spa experiences I’ve yet to have. I have a long history of chiropractic and massage therapy care and I was thoroughly impressed by how welcoming and professional Phoenix and her daughter were. They were so accommodating to myself and my two friends who had purchased a Groupon for a gift.

For those people complaining about having to walk through her garage to get to her home business, get over your elitist self and take a chill pill. You’ve never had to grind before? The spa space itself is very relaxing, lovely ocean murals and art, and is kept clean and organized. The music playing was soothing, combined with a bubbling fountain.

They offered us a paraffin wax hand treatment, the scalp massage with aromatherapy, as well as a relaxing foot soak in imported bowls. As I was waiting for my friends to complete their thirty minute massages, they offered me hot lavender neck pillows and an eye mask that put me right to sleep. Phoenix offered to either give me a single thirty minute massage or a fifteen minute tandem with her daughter (I’m sorry I forgot her name, but she was also licensed and works at a nearby chiropractic office.)
(*Ashley Stewart is who she is referring to…)

The massage itself was incredible, they both listened to my feedback on the level of pressure and offered great advice to reduce my headaches and neck tension. I would absolutely return here multiple times.”  Kayla N. Review on Yelp for Alpine Therapeutic Massage for a Groupon treatment I did with my mother Phoenix Alexander for 3 women.

“I got these packages for my two best friends and I to enjoy together for Christmas! We went yesterday to get our treatments and let me tell you guys what! Phoenix and her daughter took such excellent care of us. They made us smell good and feel even better! I would highly recommended getting this package if you are looking for an all around personal spa treatment. :)” — Rachel C on Jan 17, 2019 on Groupon treatment I did with my Mother Phoenix.

Phoenix replied on Jan 18, 2019

Thank you Rachel. My daughter and I were talking with each other on how much fun we had working on you. It was a great experience for all of us. Come again soon!

“Very professional and very relaxing!” –Noelani B on Groupon

You replied on Jan 24, 2019

“It is so nice working on you, I’m so glad you’ve become one of my frequent clients! (It’s a small world too) You’re awesome!”

(From Feedback Forms)

“I felt like Ashley was very thorough with all the areas I needed worked on. Her room warmth, lighting and music were perfect for me. I was comfortable the entire time and appreciated her communication. Just enough talking…not too much. I felt so much more relaxed and less stiff after a day of unusual lifting and moving. The correct pressure was used because of Ashley’s clear communication the entire appointment. (On a scale of 1-10) Normally I would not give a 10 and would expect that improvement would be necessary. I’m convinced that Ashley is very in tune with what was best for my health and well-being; something missing from many massages I have experienced in my lifetime. She was outstanding for a first appointment.”

~Anita M.

“The whole experience was amazing! She had awesome touch; not too much, not too light. Speed was perfect, she has great intuition. Seriously nothing could’ve been better, the whole experience was great. She communicated great and only as needed. Her voice was still very soft and comforting and low as she checked in. (Rated 10 on scale of 1-10) She took me to a place of total relaxation; I dozed off a couple times!! If I didn’t know I was at a school, I would’ve sworn I was at a destination spa! Very professional.

~Melissa S.

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